Shipping Lead Times

What You Need To Know

Each manufacturer has slightly different shipping lead times. We always fight hard to get your order at the front of the line and often times, we can do exactly that and beat these expectations.

Regardless of the times quoted below, we do the all the coordination for you and work our tails off to get your order shipped as fastest possible.

Shipping Lead Times

Manufacturer / Brand Orders Typically Ship Within Notes
Brondell 1-2 Days Items are in stock and ready to ship!
Peabody Engineering 7-14 Days Faster shipping on potable water tanks 25-1,500 Gallons than Norwesco/Snyder
Norwesco  1-6 Weeks Wide range of tank sizes and types. Inventory changes daily, call for lead times if you're in a hurry! Many tanks are in stock, so call/chat with us and we'll help you out. 
Snyder Industries 2-6 Weeks Heavy duty tanks, Inventory changes daily
Aluminum Tank Industries (ATI) 1-4 Weeks* Tanks are being shipped ASAP!
Transfer Flow 1-2 Days Most tanks are in stock and ship fast!
Rochester Rotational Molding (RRM) 2-6 Weeks The best in mobile containment systems


*Lead times for the entire aluminum refueling/aux tank industry, across all brands and manufacturers, have gone up from days to weeks just recently as of March 2021.

A combination of rising fuel prices and stimulus money being sent out across the US have caused a surge in demand and manufacturers are doing their best to hire more staff and churn out more tanks.

As crazy as it sounds, ATI's lead times are some of the shortest in the entire industry. If you're looking for one of these tanks, feel free to call or email us for the latest lead time on the tank you want. We'll get you into the rotation as fast as possible.


Unlike traditional depots and outlets that stock products in outdoor lots and yards, we only source tanks that are brand new. The benefit being that your tank has not been sitting in direct sunlight and exposed to the elements for months. All that extra time in the UV and can degrade the tank's overall lifespan. With our tanks, you're getting them hot off the mold, maximizing the lifespan of the tank.