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Bio Bidet BB-600 Ultimate Luxury Bidet

Bio Bidet

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Ditch the Toilet Paper. Get a Bidet: Luxury for Less

Now you can have the luxury of a bidet in your own home: The BB-600 bidet seat is an affordable, yet high quality alternative to other bidet seats and will make your bathroom stand out with its sleek style and modern design. Welcome to the Bio Bidet family!

✅ LUXURY BIDET AT AN ECONOMY PRICE: Engineered above its class, the BB-600 shines in every aspect of superior cleaning features, unrivaled comfort, and customizable luxuries.

✅ RELIABLE AND EFFECTIVE DUAL NOZZLE: This system includes signature dual-nozzle setup for an excellent posterior wash and softer feminine wash with bubble infusion technology serving the highest water volume for a gratifying cleaning experience.

✅ OPTIMIZED HEATING: Experience a consistent water temperature as the BB-600 includes a unique built-in tank for pre-heating water delivering exceptional temperature accuracy. Heated air drying for a crisp and confident finish. 

✅ CONVENIENT CONTROL PANEL: Control every aspect of your wash with our easy-to-use control panel. Buttons are intuitive and easy to understand, perfect for beginners and guests.

✅ CUSTOMIZABLE TO YOUR STYLE: From positioning to temperature, nearly every aspect of the wash routine is adjustable to your preferences. Adjust the nozzle position more forward or backward to extend the cleaning area. Pulsating and oscillating features can be used independently or simultaneously for an incredibly thorough clean.

✅ BACKED BY A POWERFUL 2-YEAR WARRANTY: Bio Bidet is serious about the quality and integrity of their products. All BB-600s are backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty with extensive coverage and an easy-to-claim process.

Easily installed and easy to use, the Bio Bidet BB-600 sets your toilet apart from the rest. The Bio Bidet is a feature that you will look forward to using every day. You’ll want to show it off to all your guests.

The Ultimate BB-600 is a bestselling, entry level bidet that rivals any bidet on the market with its abundance of features and peace of mind backed by Bio Bidet engineering. The top selling Bio Bidet BB-600 has an adjustable nozzle position, adjustable water pressure, easy-to-use control panel, cleansing pulsations, heated seat, deodorizer and dryer for your ultimate cleansing comfort.

Dual Nozzle Fixed easy to use side-panel
Oscillating Easy nozzle replacement
Wide cleaning Adjustable heated seat
Pulsating Intelligent body sensor
Massage cleaning Adjustable warm air dry
Quiet motor driven wash Slow closing
Satisfying posterior cleaning Quick release for easy cleaning
Soft feminine cleaning Automatic power save
Bubble infusion 2 year limited warranty
Nozzle self-clean




Owner's Manual

Toilet Seat Measurements Guide, Elongated vs. Round

Elongated seat is oval shaped seats which is about 2" longer than a round bowl and often found to be more comfortable but in small bathroom, a round bowl can save space.

Toilet Type Guide, 1PC vs. 2PC

One piece toilet has the toilet housed in one complete unit where two piece toilets has a separate bowl and tank. Offered Bio Bidet seat models are designed to fit all 2 piece toilets and most of 1 piece toilets. Only exception will be rare types of one piece toilets with severe French curves where toilet tank connects to the base of toilet such as type C below.

TYPE A and B : YES , TYPY C : NO



Q: How does the self-cleaning nozzle work?
A: As soon as the seat sensor is activated, a pre-rinse cycle will begin. This process rinses the nozzle in preparation for a wash function. Water will drain into the bowl during this time.
Q: What does the colored light on the side of the seat indicate?
A: The light on the side of the seat will glow BLUE when the product is powered on and ready for use. It will glow RED when the UV sterilizer is active. This occurs automatically after each use.  
Q: How does the automatic open/close work?
A: The Discovery DLS includes a proximity sensor that automatically opens the lid when an approaching user is detected. This function can be disabled by holding the Nozzle Clean and Dynamic Stream buttons for 3 seconds. The seat and lid can also be opened or closed by pressing the corresponding buttons on the remote. After 3 minutes of inactivity, the seat and lid will automatically close.
Q: What is the dynamic stream function?
A: The dynamic stream function rapidly alternates the water temperature to assist in stimulating bowel movements.  



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    Two years limited warranty

    • 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire product for the first year from original date of purchase
    • 75% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire product for the second year from original date of purchase

    This warranty does not apply to the following items:

    • Damage or loss sustained in a natural calamity such as fire, earthquake, flood, thunder electrical storm, etc.
    • Damage or loss resulting from any unreasonable use, misuse, abuse, negligence, or improper maintenance of the product.
    • Damage or loss resulting from removal, improper repair, or modification of the product.
    • Damage or loss resulting from sediments or foreign matter contained in a water system.
    • Damage or loss resulting from improper installation or from installation of a unit in a harsh and/or hazardous environment
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    D. Rephner
    Happy Birthday to me!

    I'm a bit of a globe trotter (back when we could travel) and spent enough time in Asia to know the benefits of a bidet. They are so much more sanitary than our dry toilet paper and much better for the environment. I feel like everyone should have one of these, we'd use so much less TP, clog fewer drains, and generally have cleaner southern components. Hot water in the tank with this device is a little on the short supply side, but it's definitely enough for a once-through cleaning. All I can say is that I'm happy to now own one of these as I gifted it to myself for my birthday this year, yay!

    It's alright

    I'd heard a lot about this brand Bio Bidet in the past from a friend who swore by it in her house. I resisted for years because truthfully I thought it was a little weird and I just didnt get why she liked it so much. Well, here we are now and I'm the somewhat proud new owner of the bb600. I can say it's good, probably great for some people. I think it's alright. The water comes out fine, although there is some adjusting you have to do and some manuevering to get it right for your personal parts. Again I think it's fine, I just struggle to sometimes see how people are obsessed with these. It's certainly fancier than a wet wipe but takes longer to use and since there are so many moving parts I'm nervous it'll break and I'll be out the money. Time will tell, but for now it's fine.

    2nd bidet

    I've had one of these before years ago, but I didnt own it so I couldn't take it with me. I couldn't wait to get one again and I'm super pleased with the BB600. Youtube is your friend for installation and if you're like me, you don't really care about running an extension cord! I'm not about to install an outlet in my rental apartment so I'm fine with that. Highly recommend this product!

    The best gift for your grandparents

    The strangest look came across my grandmother's face when she opened this. I'd bought it for her and my grandpa as they're getting older and using the bathroom is becoming more and more of a chore for them. Was it an akward gift? Absolutely. Was it worth it? 100%. They tell me all the time now that they're using it and they can't believe it. It's like magic to them. That's understandable considering a calculator was also magic to them back in the day, so just imagine how much an automated butt cleaner is to them. You get the idea. I feel like bidets are an undervalued product in general, but for the elderly, it feels like it should be way more common. Try getting one for your older folks and tell me they don't love it. I dare you.

    Luxury performance for a budget price

    Dont be fooled with all the high-end high-priced gadgetry. At the end of the day, we're talking about shooting water at our bung holes. You don't need to pay an arm and a leg for that. This unit is perfectly good enough and does the job supremely. Save yourself the coin and get this machine over the higher priced ones, you probably won't notice any difference at all!